When it comes to developing a marketing strategy, you need to attract the kinds of purchasing customers on a consistent basis. Follow these dealership marketing best practices to ensure that your business starts the new year off on the right foot.

Create a comprehensive strategy for omnichannel dealership marketing

Your customers aren’t operating on only a single channel, so you can’t afford to either. One of the most important facets of marketing in the 21st century is meeting your buyers wherever they are. That means you develop an omnichannel strategy that ties their experience together in a seamless way.

Make sure no matter what avenue or platform they find you through, they view your inventory and ask questions. Additionally, they schedule appointments and derive additional value from your lead generation process. Part of this is also achieved by retargeting. In other words, you gather data from customers who browse your site and turn it around into ads directly targeted at them.

Develop a cohesive content creation plan

Content marketing is no longer the newest or flashiest marketing trend, but it is still widely practiced. Why?  It delivers consistent results.

The key is to make sure your content is always focused on delivering value to the reader/viewer, rather than simply publishing material for its own sake. This is not difficult to manage. It’s easier because as a dealership, you are selling incredibly complex products with many components. Many of those components are not well understood by the general buying public. I

t’s a great opportunity to engage your leads with high-quality product education content and more.  So, take advantage of it.

Engage your customers with dealership marketing videos

Almost every type of business is turning to video marketing, and for good reasons. YouTube and videos embedded natively on your site and social platforms is an incredible marketing tool.

With social media, you promote features of your vehicles in-depth and keep viewers engaged in your ecosystem. When using video marketing, make sure you include links that allow you to capture contact data. Additionally,  encourage viewers to subscribe so you remember to follow up with additional marketing materials.

Social Media Interactions as Dealership Marketing

Forbes reports that 78% of Salespeople using social media outsell their peers. That is a massive percentage! Does that make you want to jump ship and create a Facebook or Twitter page? Of course!

On the other hand, social media is intimidating to many. If you are skeptical of starting a social media page designed for your dealership, don’t be. As your dealership grows, your social media presence does as well. Having social media pages for your dealerships gives you a place to showcase new products. Meaning, you let the customers learn more about what your dealership has to offer.

Additionally, it gives you a space to promote your website and in return gives your dealership more business.

Take your marketing to the next level with a dealership management solution

EverLogic Dealership Management Software gives you the right tools to ensure the success of your marketing strategy continues once the customer arrives. Our software does this by creating more valuable relationships with your customers and ultimately increasing your profitability.

Everlogic’s inclusive solution transforms a variety of sectors of your business, including accounting with QuickBooks. It also offers document management, POS, and so much more. It’s the software that is trusted by dealerships around the country to manage their workflows more effectively. Click the button below to schedule a demo of EverLogic so you see firsthand how our user-friendly and affordable solution helps you most of your dealership.

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October 10, 2022