One question we are often asked by customers is, “What equipment do I need to get started to use EverLogic?” The simple answer is “A PC and an internet connection.” While this is true, there are several other factors that dictate if other equipment is needed. In order to make EverLogic fully functional or take advantage of features that make using EverLogic more beneficial to the dealership, you need to have the following.

Crucial Equipment #1: You will need a PC.

What equipment do I need to get started? This is a broad answer and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. What kind of PC do I need to get started with EverLogic? How much RAM does it need? Do I need a large hard drive? Should the processor be fast? These are typical clarifying questions people ask because not all PCs work with all software equipment.  Rest assured, most PCs bought off-the-shelf work with EverLogic.

Computer Memory

We recommend buying a PC with a processor such as an Intel Core i5 or better. However, pretty much anything you buy is adequate, and there are so many options these days. When it comes to memory, you need at least 8GB to run Windows effectively. This is more than enough memory to run EverLogic. Again, more RAM is better. Depending on what other programs you are running alongside EverLogic, you may require more RAM. Most PCs we buy for our office have 16GB. We recommend you purchase more RAM when you anticipate using multiple programs simultaneously. It provides a better experience.

To check your memory on Windows, which is recommended, search in the Start menu for "About your PC." Then, you should be able to see how much RAM you have under "Device Specifications" at the top. 

Finding RAM on Windows OS
How to find RAM on Windows OS

Hard-drive space and Operating System

Finally, when it comes to hard-drive space, EverLogic uses extraordinarily little. So, any PC you have that is five years old or newer is adequate. We recommend buying SSD (Solid State Drives) whenever possible. This is because it reduces the amount of time it takes to start your computer when you turn it on. Any PC you purchase or are currently using should support Microsoft’s latest operating system. Currently, Microsoft’s Operating System is Windows 10 Pro. Home editions also work fine.

Solid State Drive produced by SanDisk
SanDisk Solid State Drive

Crucial Equipment #2: Internet Connection.

What equipment do I need to get started when it comes to internet connection? Most internet connections are more than adequate to provide a good to exceptional experience when using EverLogic. Again, faster is better, but any WIFI network is sufficient for Everlogic to work. People have even used their phones tethered to their PC to get internet access.

Internet providers offer two options: Static and Dynamic (DHCP). Both work with EverLogic. If you process credit cards (see below) make sure your internet provider offers a static IP address to use the Genius device. A static IP address is a permanent address for your internet connection. Genius devices require a static IP address.

Can customers use a Mac instead of PC equipment?

What equipment do I need to get started when it comes to computers? This is another question we are often asked. Use a Mac if you run compatible software that emulates a Windows operating system. Mac supports a program called Parallels that essentially turns your Mac into a PC.  Alternatively, dual boot your Mac so you start it as a Windows computer or as a Mac.

It is possible to dedicate one computer to running EverLogic. However, we recommend buying a PC because it is less expensive, and the configuration of the Windows operating system works without any additional software or configurations. Additional hardware is optional depending on what features you want.

Credit Cards 

What equipment do I need to get started when it comes to credit cards and printing? If you want to accept credit cards, we recommend purchasing a Genius device from our payment processing provider Global Payments. The Genius device is a point-of-sale device that allows you to accept credit card payments from customers. To get the best rates from your merchant provider, having the customer’s credit card present is the least expensive option.

HubSpot Video

Optionally, key in the customer’s credit card information into a website portal. But you pay the most expensive rates. If you process a high dollar volume of credit cards, this is very costly. You may consider accepting credit card payments for F&I transactions i.e., taking deposits for campers, or accepting payments at the point-of-sale in your parts and accessories store. Additionally, use it when cashing out a customer’s repair order for service work.


The RV industry has come a long way when it comes to printing contracts, title work, and other related paperwork in the F&I department. Most paperwork today is printed on laser printers, but some banks and departments of motor vehicles require documents printed on impact printed forms. If this is the case for your dealership, you must purchase an Okidata Microline 320 Turbo impact printer. This is the only impact printer that EverLogic supports. Hopefully, soon, banks and states will retire the use of impact printed documents. In the meantime, if it is a requirement, EverLogic supports it.

Okidata Microline 320 TurboI
Impact print produced by Okidata

Many banks and lending institutions work with our partner, AppOne. This provides e-contracting and other document printing solutions. There is no equipment needed for EverLogic to work with App One. However, App One requires you to purchase a laser printer or some similar device.

HubSpot Video

If you need to print receipts, choose an off-the-shelf laser printer that prints out 8.5 x 11 paper. Or opt for a speedier and less costly printing solution using a dedicated receipt printer similar to those used in most retail stores. The printer we support is the Epson TM-T88V, which is a thermal transfer receipt printer. These printers are much faster, cost less to print, and provide a better experience for your customers.

Many parts and accessory products sold at RV dealerships have UPC labels on the packaging. The UPC or Universal Product Code uniquely identifies the product, and it is used by point-of-sale systems to scan the product.  In some instances, a UPC is not available, so print out a label to identify the product at your store.

EverLogic supports a specific label printer called the Zebra ZD-410 series label printer. This printer is ideally suited to print formatted labels that work with our software.

Point-of-Sale Equipment

Point-of-sale equipment is used to make the experience better for your customers. EverLogic connects to specialized printers, cash drawers, and scanners to make it faster to check out customers. EverLogic allows you to scan a barcode on a part, so it is automatically added to a customer’s transaction. This saves time so the salesperson does not have to type in a part number or description. Barcode scanners are not a requirement to use EverLogic, but it makes it easier and faster to check out customers. Any barcode scanner is compatible with EverLogic. However, we recommend the Honeywell Voyageur. It is reliable.

Honeywell Voyager
Honeywell Voyager barcode scanner

At the point-of-sale, while it is not required, it is customary to have a cash drawer to keep track of cash and checks taken at the point-of-sale. EverLogic supports an APG S100 heavy-duty cash drawer that opens when you cash out a customer.

When service writers are printing repair orders, any off the shelf printer that prints an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper is fine.

While there are many options for equipment to make the user experience better, you do not need anything other than a PC and internet connection. With the use of email, send digital receipts to a customer rather than printing them.  Use online tools for processing credit cards rather than purchasing and hooking up equipment.  Also, our integration with QuickBooks makes your accounting process at your RV dealership seamless. You just need to decide which solution suits your vision and the needs of your customers.If you are interested to see how EverLogic's software works, fill out the form below to view a demo.




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October 7, 2022