EverLogic's software has been mostly cloud-based since its beginning in 2003. Back then, it was unusual for a DMS to be cloud-based. However, that trend is starting to move towards more cloud-based systems in recent years.

A cloud-based DMS is where the information from the dealership is stored and hosted on an internet server rather than a local computer or server. This keeps your information more secure, as well as provides you with a helpful backup of your information.

Here are four reasons why cloud-based DMS systems can benefit your dealership.

1. Security

It seems like almost every month, you hear about a company that suffers a hack. Any computer connected to the internet is vulnerable to a security breach. These can be devastating to your dealership. 

However, EverLogic's partnership with Microsoft Azure offers you extra protection against a possible hack. When data is stored on Microsoft's cloud, anyone attempting to hack your dealership must try to break through the countless layers of encryption. 

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Microsoft Azure is in full compliance with ISO/IEC 27018 standards by the International Organization for Standardization, which develops voluntary international standards for developers. What this means is each year, Azure is audited for compliance and must pass rigorous testing to get accreditation. 

Also, your dealership's information cannot be used for advertising or marketing without your express permission, and the company may only provide information about your dealership if it is legally required to (i.e. a criminal investigation).

Learn more about Microsoft Azure's ISO/IEC 27018 compliance here.

Microsoft Azure automatically updates security protections to its cloud so you do not need to tell your employees to make sure they all update their computers to get the latest protections. Your computers do not have to use a VPN to keep your data secured, which saves you money if you subscribe to one.

2. Data Backup

Another major advantage of EverLogic's partnership with Microsoft Azure is data backup.

Let's just say there is some catastrophic failure in the office and all your data in your DMS is lost. This includes all your customers, inventory information, parts information and your accounting. That would effectively freeze your business as you try to rebuild all that information. It would be nearly impossible to get back to full strength.

With Microsoft Azure, you have all your information backed up through the cloud. That backup will allow you to retrieve any important information lost by virtually any circumstance. This not only saves you potentially thousands of dollars, but it may also save your business as a whole.

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3. Saves IT Costs

Every business needs some form of an IT guy. The problem is that the supply of quality IT professionals can't come close to meeting the supply. Yet, a cloud-based DMS system significantly reduces the need for a highly professional IT manager.

Without a cloud-based system, your IT manager will have a lot on his plate from keeping up with security to managing servers and hardware. You will definitely need an IT professional with security certification. The salary for this person will need to be around $65,000 at the very least and can likely go well into the six figures based on experience and what you need.  

In addition, you do not have to pay for server and hardware maintenance as well, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

By contrast, even with 10 licenses and paying for implementation, you're still paying well under $10,000 for EverLogic.

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4. Accessibility and Sustainability 

One of the true advantages of a cloud-based DMS is that you can work whenever and wherever you need. While EverLogic's software is not web-based, you can still download the software to any computer and sign in with one of your licenses. 

This allows you, or your employees, to access EverLogic from home if you ever need to do it. Or if you are at a conference, you can log into EverLogic to access any information you need.

The cloud-based system also takes care of any updates to the software so you don't have to download them. This keeps your software safer and up to date, without having to click through a prompt. This will optimize the performance of the DMS and eliminate any bugs that were found.

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Cloud-based dealership software like EverLogic is becoming an industry standard now. They provide increased security and reliability without the great cost of having your information stored locally. A cloud-based system also provides its own updates, keeping the software efficient and optimized. 

If you want to learn more about how your dealership can benefit from EverLogic's DMS, you can click the button below to watch the demo.

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Matthew Copeland
Post by Matthew Copeland
August 16, 2022