If you're a successful dealer looking to grow your business, then the thought of expansion has probably occurred to you. However, in addition to finding a new location for your dealership, new employees and paperwork, you may find it hard to track the finances of all your locations in a single place.

This is another instance where having the right dealership management system in place is so important. You will need a DMS that helps you manage all of your locations in one single place. You also need a DMS that can save you and your employees valuable time to concentrate on the success of your new location.

To put it simply, dealerships that want to grow their business know that in order to grow, they need a DMS that will grow with them.

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“Travelcamp has grown over the last three years to be in hyper-growth mode," said Travelcamp RV Operations Manager Christie Wright. "That means we are experiencing an explosion in sales, service, and parts. Having a robust DMS system is helping us keep up with that growth.”

EverLogic not only supports your expansion but makes it much easier to help that new location thrive.

EverLogic saves time as you open new locations

When you expand to a new location, speed is an important factor in the success of your expansion. The longer it takes your new location to run smoothly and independently, the more money you lose. By contrast, having your new location get up and running quickly can make it prosper while the iron is hot.

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EverLogic's staff can add a new location for your dealership in our software in just minutes. If all of the important data is provided to us (inventory, customers, employees, parts, etc.), we can enter all of that needed data and have that new location up and running in about a day.

With the time saved, you can focus on hiring new employees, acquiring inventory and designing the location to fit yours and your customers' needs.

Adding new locations to EverLogic is free

Some dealership software companies may charge you for each additional location. This presents a problem as it is one more fee you need to pay at a time when you are taking a risk to grow your business. 

With EverLogic, each new location you add to your dealership is free. The only fee that may come out of your move will be the additional EverLogic licenses you buy, just like if you were adding licenses to your existing location. However, EverLogic does not charge any implementation fee for new locations.

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Every new employee who does join your new location will enjoy all the features that come with being an EverLogic customer, including free training and customer support. 

EverLogic Customer Support will assist your growth

It is almost a certainty there will be growing pains as your new location gets on its feet. Even with an experienced general manager, training a whole new staff is a daunting task. We want your staff to master EverLogic as quickly as possible so they can get to work quickly.

Once your new employees are hired, they can join our weekly training sessions. We can also organize individual training by request. Your employees will also have access to the EverLogic Knowledge Base with helpful articles and videos that will help them quickly get set with EverLogic.

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If anyone finds a problem with EverLogic, they will also be able to reach out to our customer support. EverLogic will respond to new tickets in about one hour during normal business hours (Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.). So if you or your employees find any problems, we can quickly address the issues so you can get back to business.


Hear from one of our customers who have been able to grow their business and add new locations with EverLogic.

When it comes to expanding your dealership to a new location, you can expect some hardships along the way. That is why you need a DMS designed to grow with your business. 

EverLogic makes your expansion as seamless as possible. You will never have to pay a fee to add new locations, and you can expect the same service to your new locations as you receive with your original. Ultimately, EverLogic will save you and your new staff hours of time as you make the transition.

If you want to see how EverLogic can improve the efficiency of your dealership, click the button below to watch our demo.

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Matthew Copeland
Post by Matthew Copeland
October 3, 2022