When you buy EverLogic, you begin a 30-day process called implementation. One of the parts of that process is training.

By the time you fully transition to EverLogic, you and your entire staff will need to be trained. Fortunately, EverLogic has several methods for you and your staff to begin using the software.

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Training is free with EverLogic...Always

One could argue that training is the most important step when transitioning to a new DMS. Everyone on your staff will have to understand each of the procedures they will perform on the software. Your salespeople will need to know all the features in the quote module. Your technicians will need to know how to fill out a repair order. Your back-office employees will need to know how to send data from EverLogic to QuickBooks.

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And even after you make the transition, all new employees will need to undergo training themselves.

That's why EverLogic's training is always free. You should not have to pay a price for you and your staff to know how to use the product you are buying. That would be like buying a car and then paying the dealership an extra fee to teach you how to put the car into gear.

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We also make sure that our training is not only free and thorough, which is why we have different kinds of training that you and your staff can do.

Three ways to train

There are three ways you can go about training, depending on what works for you and your staff:

  1. Daily Training: Every day (except weekends and holidays), EverLogic's training expert will hold a training session at 1 p.m. EST. These classes cover all of EverLogic's modules and take you step-by-step through any day-to-day activity you and your staff will need to know how to do. These classes take two weeks to complete.
  2. One-on-One Training: If you need more specific training, EverLogic's training expert will schedule a private session by appointment only. Private sessions are not meant to take the place of regular classes.
  3. EverLogic Knowledge Base: If you cannot attend the classes or feel more comfortable watching videos at your own pace, the EverLogic Knowledge Base might work best for you. There, you will find more than 100 training videos that include full classes and clips showing you how to do a specific function. There are also articles that go through many of EverLogic's processes step-by-step.

Each of these options is included when you buy EverLogic. Training is also open beyond the implementation period. 

If you have a new employee who needs to be trained or you have staff that needs a refresher, they are welcome to join in the daily classes or set up a private training session.

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Training for EverLogic is vitally important for you and your staff. More than simply showing you how to use the software, you will get a sense of how to harness the full power of the software. By staying sharp on your skills by visiting the Knowledge Base, you can see how EverLogic can quickly make your dealership run more efficiently.

If you are interested in seeing EverLogic in action, you can click on the button below to view our free demo.

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October 7, 2022