Both EverLogic and CDK Global have a lot to offer their customers. Both can serve many different types of dealerships and have modules for sales, service and accounting.

So, what separates the two? That's what we will explore in the article below.

What does CDK Global’s dealer management system offer?

CDK Global focuses on end-to-end omnichannel retail commerce through agnostic technology. Also, their dealership software provides service cycle tracking, accurate repair orders, customer service for a fee, and warranty claim tracking to create and monitor claims. CDK also offers an accounting module.

Does CDK Global offer pricing information on its website?

CDK Global does not offer any pricing information on its website. However, dealerships can expect to pay about $2,000 with a $10,000 implementation fee.

EverLogic's pricing is listed on our website. Our EverLogic Core Desktop, our main DMS, is $129 per license per month while our mobile app is $39 per license per month. Our implementation fee is $3,999, which covers the entire implementation process and training.

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Does CDK Global have onboarding information on their website?

CDK Global does not offer onboarding information on its website. However, their onboarding features onsite discovery and implementation rollout for about $10,000. EverLogic's onboarding process is four weeks and is all online. As mentioned above, our fee is $3,999.

What is the customer service response time at CDK Global?

You can contact the ELEAD Support team for questions or any technical support issues via email or phone for troubleshooting issues.

What makes CDK Global software stand out?

CDK Global provides integrated data and technology solutions to the automotive, heavy truck, recreation, and heavy equipment industries. As a result, CDK solutions help customers automate and integrate all parts of the dealership and buying process. This includes the acquisition, sale, financing, insuring, parts supply, repair, and maintenance of vehicles.

What does EverLogic offer in its DMS?

With EverLogic, there are multiple ways to help manage your RV dealership.

  • Manage your inventory
  • Manage your accounting and easily access important financial information
  • Collect payments
  • Track and account for your service department’s time
  • Maximize your service department’s profits
  • Manage customers and customer communication
  • Structure deals and manage forms
  • Create and manage quotes
  • Manage your point(s) of sale
  • View and manage multiple stores (locations) if you need it

One of the things that make EverLogic unique is that we do not have a built-in accounting system. We decided early on to work with QuickBooks and make that the most robust integration that we have with any partner. We believe that being certified on QuickBooks will give our customers peace of mind when running their dealerships.

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The familiarity that many bookkeepers and accountants have with QuickBooks also reduces the amount of time it takes to learn dealership accounting processes because they are already familiar with them. We also hear from our customers that QuickBooks allows them complete flexibility when it comes to reporting and customization. This shows how EverLogic could be a better solution for your dealership.

What is EverLogic’s onboarding process?

We have a four-week onboarding process. We have a trusted system for completing onboarding that covers every aspect from setup to training to ensure we guide the dealership to the best outcome. Our Road to Onboarding Success is a comprehensive plan of activities to keep us and our customers on task during the 30-day onboarding period.

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Further, the value of this onboarding process makes sure that our customers have the ability to use every aspect of the software to achieve their goals within 30 days. Most RV software companies have a more extended version of the onboarding process but at EverLogic, we value our customers and respect their need for fast service.

What is our customer support response time?

Our goal is to respond to every customer phone call, voicemail or email within one hour during our normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. Of course, we don’t always solve the issue within one hour, but we make sure to respond and actively work to answer questions and provide solutions.

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Also, you will never have to pay for customer support with EverLogic.

What makes EverLogic stand out?

Our customers are able to manage your inventory; sell your vehicles, parts, accessories, service, run your back-office and accounting.

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Above all, what makes our software top-notch is that our employees are our "secret sauce." One of our core values is putting the customer first. Also, we also have nine modules in our dealer management system that help support dealers. These include customer management, parts inventory, point of sale, sales/ finance, back office, document management, unit inventory, QuickBooks accounting and service. Lastly, we work very hard to provide an excellent customer experience and we genuinely care about our customers.

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Matthew Copeland
Post by Matthew Copeland
October 19, 2022