When it comes to choosing a vehicle inventory management solution, EverLogic is different than other dealership management software providers. Many dealerships have been using QuickBooks to handle more than its designed to do. EverLogic allows profit-minded dealers to keep using QuickBooks for its intended purpose, accounting, while also having a robust dealership and vehicle inventory management solution that connects with QuickBooks.

Determine whether or not a dealership management system (DMS) is the best move for your dealership by looking at it from a cost-benefit perspective. In other words, determine its value. 

Many dealership management systems have similar functions and modules. Many are similarly priced. However, we believe EverLogic is truly unique by combining these three points:

  1. Full integration with QuickBooks
  2. You come first
  3. Implementation in 30 days or less

On these three points, we base much of what we do on a day-to-day basis. These three points also cover our history, our present and our future.

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1. Full integration with QuickBooks

In 2003, Mike Goodwin established EverLogic with a seemingly simple idea. The software would fully integrate itself with QuickBooks. This integration would allow accounting to be done without entering the same information in two places.

EverLogic is still one of the few dealership software companies with complete integration with QuickBooks which saves accountants hours of time, and dealership owners thousands of dollars in labor costs. 

The integration with QuickBooks allows dealership owners and accountants to send important daily transaction data to QuickBooks, including:

  • Vehicle sales data
  • Parts and service sales
  • All deposit data
  • New customers and vendors

Because of the integration with QuickBooks, dealerships also can purchase a cheaper version of it, saving even more money in the process.


Integrating with QuickBooks is important as we know provides reliability and flexibility to our customers. With EverLogic's QuickBooks integration, you can easily control multiple locations, connect and download data from major banks and handle other types of business outside of vehicle sales in the same system.

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2. You come first

Over the past 19 years, we have added new features and integrations, all specifically aimed at making EverLogic better for our customers. Some of these features have come from customers themselves, who saw a problem they believed we could solve. 


We launched EverLogic Mobile, making it easier for salespeople and technicians to do their jobs without the use of a desktop computer. We also made the mobile licenses significantly cheaper to help dealership owners save money. 

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We also do not require customers to sign long-term contracts for any of our licenses. 

EverLogic integrated with Kenect, which allows dealerships to text their customers on EverLogic Core Desktop. With Kenect, customers can receive quotes and move through much of the buying process without having to physically go into a dealership.

We organized the EverLogic Growth Hub, an online community forum that allows our customers to pose questions to us, discuss the dealership business with each other and grow their business through knowledge. Click here to join the EverLogic Growth Hub.

EverLogic also places a premium on customer service. The EverLogic Customer Support team is available between 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Monday-Friday with the exception of select holidays. It takes about one hour for the customer support team to respond to any ticket submitted during working hours. Customer support is included in your purchase of EverLogic.

Even during off hours or on the weekends, you can visit www.helpme.everlogic.com to watch training videos or submit a ticket. 

Still more features that we believe will make your experience as a customer easier and more satisfactory. This includes a knowledge base featuring articles and videos to answer quick "how to" questions without going through the process of setting up a training appointment or filing a ticket.

Implementation in 30 days

Implementation is the process between your purchase of EverLogic and the day you fully transition to our software. There are three parts to our implementation process:

  • Transferring data to our software
  • Uploading important documents into our software
  • Training you and your staff

Transitioning to EverLogic should be an exciting time for your business. We think of it as buying a car in that you are restless to use it. Implementation is like the process of getting the car insured before you can it drive it off the lot.

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That is why we work with you one-on-one to get your dealership ready to fully transition to EverLogic in 30 days.

First, you will spend time talking to our implementation expert who takes all the data from your dealership and inputs it into the software. This includes:

  • Customer information
  • Inventory
  • Parts inventory
  • Location information (including if you have multiple locations)
  • Employee information
  • Vendors
  • Labor codes
  • Reports
  • Much more

You will also talk to our document programmer, who programs all documents into EverLogic you need and makes them available for use in the software. By uploading documents, you can close a deal with as little paperwork as possible. These include your required state documents, credit applications and other custom documents needed for your quotes.

As all the data and documents are put into the software, our training expert will make sure you are ready to use it. We hold daily online training sessions where we go over all the functions you and your staff need to know before you launch.

We also offer one-on-one training by appointment and more than 80 training videos that discuss specific functions and processes of EverLogic. 

After no more than 30 days, your dealership will be ready to start your new partnership with EverLogic. 


If you are interested to learn more about how EverLogic can improve your dealership's efficiency, click the button below to watch the demo.

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Matthew Copeland
Post by Matthew Copeland
August 1, 2022