EverLogic is a software platform with RV employees in mind. Working at a dealership is not typically a “sit at your desk all day” type of role.  Generally speaking, dealership employees wear several “work hats.”

How EverLogic keeps data secure and why that matters to your team

They move around the property and work at the front of the shop with customer-facing sales responsibilities. Also, employees work in the service and parts department, or at the counter cashing out customers in the parts store. Workers move to the back administration area to fill in or complete a project, too.

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Using EverLogic as a cloud-based tool allows you the best of both worlds, with limitations. Log in from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Literally, check your sales from the beach or work remotely from home. The beauty of a tool in the cloud is most dealerships already pay for a dedicated internet account. They use this for merchant services and other third-party vendors who own cloud tools, such as AppOne.  Besides the hardware, the internet collects EverLogic in the cloud.

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What does cloud-based mean for your dealership?

EverLogic is a cloud-based dealership management tool. This means the Internet is the main ingredient for your login needs. In addition, a cloud-based tool means configuration files must be downloaded and reside in your computer’s file servers. For EverLogic, these files include “FlexViews.” These are saved dashboard views a user sees in every module of EverLogic. The names and configurations of the FlexView are secure on your equipment.

However, the future state of EverLogic is to live 100% in the cloud. Simply put, that is the goal because most Statistical Analysis System (SAS) software resides there. And it is safer. 

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A cloud-based platform allows dealerships to truly manage their business anywhere and anytime. We understand the high demand for working in the dealership industry. That is why our goal as a company is to put our customers first. Everlogic wants to make your jobs as easy as possible. We hope this article helps further your decision on whether EverLogic is a good fit for your dealership and business. 

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October 17, 2022