Choosing the right software you need to run a successful dealership is sometimes a difficult decision. This article is meant to help you answer this question, “Is EverLogic or Frazer better for your RV dealership?”

What does EverLogic bring to customers that Frazer doesn’t?

One of the things that make EverLogic unique is that EverLogic does not have a built-in accounting system. We decided early on to work with QuickBooks and make that the most robust integration we have with any partner. We believe being certified on QuickBooks gives our customers peace of mind when running their dealerships.

To become certified, we had to pass an extensive system test to be able to integrate fully with QuickBooks. The familiarity that many bookkeepers and accountants have with QuickBooks also reduces the amount of time it takes to learn dealership accounting processes because they are already familiar with them.

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We also hear from our customers that QuickBooks allows them complete flexibility when it comes to reporting and customization. This shows how EverLogic could be a better solution for your dealership.

EverLogic's DMS also has a fully functional service department module, allowing your dealership to order parts, do repair orders and most any other task needed by a service department.

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EverLogic also offers our Mobile Technician App which includes:

  • Technicians can easily manage all their tasks in EverLogic while away from the computer
  • Customers can track job times, search for parts/part numbers, view all current jobs, and more…
  • Take pictures of any damage to units

 EverLogic or Frazer: Price Comparison

When it comes to price, EverLogic is about the middle of the road compared to our competitors, in that our software is cheaper than some and more expensive than others. Our price is $129 per license per month for our main desktop software and $39 per license per month for our mobile software. You can access EverLogic anywhere from this price. There is also a $3,999 implementation fee. We do not have any hidden fees.

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Frazer's basic software is $85 per license per month. However, that version is not cloud or web-based, meaning you cannot access it anywhere. To get the Frazer-hosted version and be able to access the software anywhere, customers will need to pay $179 per license per month. They also have a free "Sidekick App."

To improve your experience, Frazer has integrations with many other services that add to your monthly cost. 

What is EverLogic’s onboarding process timeline? 

We have a four-week onboarding process. We have a trusted system for completing onboarding that covers every aspect from setup to training to ensure we guide the dealership to the best outcome. Our Road to Implementation Success is a comprehensive plan of activities to keep us and our customers on task during the 30-day onboarding period. The value of this onboarding process makes sure that our customers have the ability to use every aspect of the software to achieve their goals within 30 days. Most RV software companies have a more extended version of the onboarding process but at EverLogic we value our customers and respect their need for fast service. 

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 EverLogic or Frazer: What is customer service response time? 

Our goal is to respond to every customer's phone call, voicemail, or email within one hour during our normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.  We don’t always solve the issue within 1 hour, but we make sure to respond and actively work to answer questions and provide solutions. 

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What makes our software top-notch? 

What makes our software top-notch is our employees are our secret sauce. One of our core values is putting the customer first.  We also have nine modules in our dealer management system that help support dealers. These include customer management, parts inventory, point of sale, sales/ finance, back office, document management, unit inventory, QuickBooks accounting, and service. We work very hard to provide an excellent customer experience and we genuinely care about our customers. 

What makes Frazer’s software stand out?

Frazer’s inventory management allows customers to recon costs, track vendors, repairs and check for recalls. It also allows you to pull vehicle history and value reports from companies like Carfax and Autocheck. There is also a free SiriusXM trial for the dealership's customers.

If your dealership has a service department, Frazer does not provide that on its DMS. Frazer’s software system focuses on offering four main tools. Frazer offers inventory, sales, customer activity, and printing forms. This makes them a good value for small used car dealerships without a service department.

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Frazology is a podcast run by Frazer. It discusses everything you need to know about Frazer and used car dealers.

If you want to learn more about how EverLogic's software works and how it can help your dealership grow, you can check out our demo by clicking the button below.

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October 17, 2022