Before investing your money into dealership management software (DMS), you need to determine how many licenses of that DMS you will need.

The number of licenses you need corresponds to the number of people who need to use the software at any given time. If you have too few licenses, you run the risk of someone not being able to use the software when they need it. If you have too many, you might be paying hundreds of dollars for a license you don't need. So knowing the right number of licenses is very important before you commit to a DMS.

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How licenses work at EverLogic

With EverLogic, you have two options for licenses. You can purchase the full desktop version, which allows you to do every EverLogic function from any desktop computer. You can also buy a mobile license, which allows salespeople and technicians to do some of their jobs on their phones.

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You do not need to have as many licenses as you do employees that log into EverLogic. However, let's say you have six employees who use EverLogic and five licenses. If those five are being used, and the sixth employee needs it, one of the five people already logged on will need to get off.

EverLogic requires customers to purchase a minimum of three core desktop licenses. For transparency's sake, small dealerships and startups may not need a full DMS like EverLogic. That is why we have a three-license minimum so dealerships who do not need a DMS don't feel forced to invest in one.

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However, as your business grows, you will need a DMS to help your dealership run more efficiently. Over time, you will likely need to increase the number of licenses as your staff and work grow. However, some of your staff may not need the full desktop version to carry out their duties. In fact, their jobs can be made easier by having a mobile app.

The EverLogic mobile app allows technicians to do the majority of their work without them having to leave their workplace to go to a computer. 

Desktop licenses at EverLogic cost $129 per license per month. Mobile licenses cost $39 per license per month. Even though the price of a mobile license is much cheaper, you need to consider what the full core desktop software can do compared to the mobile software when determining how many of each you will buy. 

For example, a mobile license for a salesperson is great when they introduce themselves to new customers or are giving a tour. However, you have to be using a desktop license to do a quote. If you decide to buy EverLogic, we will work with you to determine the best number of licenses for you to buy. However, the decision is ultimately up to you as long as you buy a minimum of three licenses.

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Matthew Copeland
Post by Matthew Copeland
October 5, 2022