One size does not fit all when it comes to dealership management software. This is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, every dealership has its own specific set of needs. The wide variety of systems on the market allows dealerships to find the software that is right for them. 

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There are many reasons why EverLogic might be perfect for your dealership. However, we have come across situations where we feel we might not be the best option for a dealership for one reason or another. To help you decide, we are going to talk about who we best serve, as well as the dealerships we might not work best for. 

Dealerships we serve best

One of the great advantages of our dealership management system is its flexibility to be used in almost all dealerships that sell private and commercial vehicles. Basically, if it has a motor, our dealership software has got you covered.

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We started out in 2003 with a focus mainly on RV dealerships that use QuickBooks for their accounting. Since the software launched two years later, we have consistently added features and customization to allow the system to be more flexible. Though a large percentage of our customers remain RV dealerships, we have dealerships that primarily deal in trailers, used cars, powersports, and even vessels. 


Additionally, our dealership management software can serve dealerships of virtually any size. Among our customers are small shops with less than five employees. Yet, we also serve Travelcamp, which operates 15 stores in five states.

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We believe you should be the only one responsible for your growth. Our pricing structure reinforces that belief. You only pay per license and are never charged for adding locations to your dealership. You are also never charged for customer support, and no matter the size of your dealership, you receive the same service. 

We also work great for dealerships with employees whose digital literacy varies. It's not flashy, rather it's very simple. EverLogic is designed to be easy to understand and follow. So if your dealership has workers who are not technically savvy, they will still be able to do all their duties without getting confused. 

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Dealerships who may not need EverLogic

Deciding when to switch to and from dealership management systems is important to both the short and long-term success of your dealership. And your research includes probably more points than you can count. You will need to scrutinize every function of every software you come across. Sometimes, different dealership software can seem not that much different from one another. So how do you know when one isn't right for you?

Well, that's based on your individual dealership. However, we decided to give you a head start by telling you which types of dealerships may not be right for EverLogic.

First, EverLogic works best for dealerships that use QuickBooks accounting. The entire reason EverLogic was established goes back to a conversation founder Mike Goodwin had with a relative that ran an RV dealership in Jacksonville, Florida. The relative asked Mike to develop software that could fully integrate with the dealership's QuickBooks. Two years later, Mike released EverLogic onto the market, allowing dealerships to send the data directly to QuickBooks instead of entering the data in both the DMS and QuickBooks.

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EverLogic remains an Intuit-certified developer. Because of this, EverLogic best serves dealers that use or plan to use QuickBooks. So dealerships wanting a built-in accounting module will find some of our competitors like Frazer or CDK will better serve that need. 

Also, if you are just getting started as a dealership, it's possible you don't need a dealership management system right off the bat. You can run your business with spreadsheets and QuickBooks if you have a small inventory with no parts or service department. In that situation, dealership management software could be a waste of your money.

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However, as your business expands, you sell more inventory, add parts and service to your dealership, and hire more employees, that's when it is the right time to get EverLogic DMS. 

Finally, if you are selling only parts, particularly if they are not parts for vehicles, you might want to look at another CMS that focuses on your business model.



EverLogic proudly stands behind what we think is the best dealership management software on the market, particularly for QuickBooks users. Our software has the flexibility and customization many dealerships need to become more efficient. Our high-quality customer support can also work with virtually any employee, regardless of their computer literacy. And our pricing model, at $129 per license per month with a $3,999 implementation fee, is among the most affordable in the industry.


However, like any other product, EverLogic isn't right for everyone. This is especially true for dealerships that do not use QuickBooks or dealerships that want a built-in accounting system. 

If you think EverLogic is right for you, check out our free demo by clicking on the button below.

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Matthew Copeland
Post by Matthew Copeland
July 7, 2023