Your dealership cannot succeed in the 21st century without a website that shows off your inventory. Whether you sell RVs, trailers, boats, cars or heavy equipment, your website is the new showcase for what you have to offer the customer. We believe the dealership management software you use should support your website without forcing changes that might hurt your business.

EverLogic makes it easy to input a new vehicle's information into the software and send that information to your website, including pictures.

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What information can go to your website?

When you go through training, you will learn in-depth how to enter a new vehicle into the system. But basically, it works like this:

When you open the new inventory screen, you start with the General tab. First, you will have several fields to fill out. The only required fields are new/used/demo (NUD), year, make and model. However, there are several other fields you can fill out to better describe the inventory you have. Some of the fields include:

  • Vehicle Type
  • Model#/Trim
  • Primary and Secondary Serial #
  • Selling Price (MSRP)
  • Purchase Date
  • Exterior and Interior Color
  • Fuel Type
  • Odometer
  • Length, Width, Weight, Gross Vehicle Weight, etc.

All of the information you fill out will show up on your website by clicking the "Show Online" checkbox.

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In the Pricing tab, you can fill out as many as 10 prices you want for that vehicle. In addition to MSRP, you can set a web price, clearance price, red tag price and other optional prices. 

Finally, in the pictures tab, you can add pictures of new vehicles to your website. For every picture you upload, you just need to click a checkbox to have each one sent to the site.

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EverLogic always tries to prevent you from having to do something twice. With that in mind, we designed our dealership management software so that you don't have to enter all your inventory information into EverLogic and then do it again on your website.

EverLogic's dealership software allows you to put in your vehicle description, set your price and upload pictures in both the system and your website.

If you're interested in learning more about EverLogic, click on the button below to check out our free demo.

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Matthew Copeland
Post by Matthew Copeland
February 17, 2023