When you buy EverLogic's dealership management software, the period between your purchase and "going live" is called implementation. During this period, EverLogic will work directly with your dealership to make sure your data is on the software, your state documents are programmed, and you and your staff are all trained to use the software.

While we try to make your transition to EverLogic as stress-free as possible, it is inevitable that you will run into stress. We believe most of that is the unknown, the questions you need answering as your move through the process.

This blog is going to answer five of the common questions we receive from dealerships as they begin implementation.

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1. How long does implementation take, and does it cost anything?

We decided to combine these two questions because they are the easiest to answer. Plus, these are the two questions that are always asked. 

First, implementation costs $3,999, which can be paid all at once when your purchase EverLogic or over three, one-month installments of $1,333. This fee covers everything during the implementation process including programming all your state documents, training and uploading your data into the system.

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Secondly, we always strive to complete the implementation phase in 30 days. To do this, EverLogic will be in constant communication with you to let you know our progress and figure out when you are ready.

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2. What data does EverLogic need from dealerships during implementation?

EverLogic is responsible for uploading all your dealership's data on customers, inventory, parts, and more into the software before you go live. However, it is imperative that dealerships work directly with us to make the data as current and accurate as possible.

In the earliest steps of your implementation, you will receive a group of five Excel spreadsheets, four of which you will need to complete. The fifth is instructional.

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The four sheets you do complete are for:

  • Customers
  • Vehicle inventory
  • Part Inventory
  • Vendors

The spreadsheets will identify the areas that required fields. However, we encourage you to be as thorough as possible to make the transition a little easier. We also encourage you to make the list as current as possible.

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You will also need to prepare a list of every employee who will be using EverLogic. Keep in mind, you can have more users than licenses. In fact, we encourage dealerships to give every employee a login instead of using generic ones.

3. How long does training take?

It depends based on several factors. First, how much training a person needs depends on their role within the dealership as well as the mode of training they choose.

EverLogic holds a class over Zoom each day at 1 p.m. ET. These classes cover all the important points of the software and take two weeks to complete. Recordings of those classes are available online as well.

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We also offer private training sessions by appointment. You can get trained on how to use EverLogic by visiting the EverLogic Knowledge Base, a website with hundreds of articles and videos explaining virtually every process in the software.

The reason why a person's role matters are that not everyone in your dealership needs training. For example, your service people don't need to know how to add to your inventory. On the other hand, your salespeople don't need to know how to start a repair job. In fact, depending on how you configure the software, they may not have permission to even be in those modules. So, they would not have to attend each class.

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However, we highly recommend that the owner, general manager and all other managers take part in all training classes.

4. What documents are included during implementation?

Document programming is one of the most important parts of your dealership's implementation. Our team will make sure that every document required by your state or province is put into the system to make the sales process much easier. Basically, as you fill out the information for a sale in EverLogic, the documents will fill themselves out so you can quickly print it out and hand it to the customer for signing. 

The entire document programming process is covered under your implementation fee. However, that is only for the state-required documents that you don't want to be customized specifically for your dealership. If you have certain documents that are specific to your dealership, we do charge $250 per document. With that said, it is very unlikely you will need to pay that as we have generic documents that fit virtually all dealerships.

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If you would like to take a look at what your programmed documents might look like, don't forget to ask if you decide to do a one-on-one demo with us!

5. How does EverLogic integrate with my QuickBooks? Will I have to make any major changes to my current setup?

During your implementation, one of the steps we work on with you is the mapping of your QuickBooks to get ready for your day to go live on EverLogic. We will help map everything in QuickBooks from your inventory to your taxes.

When you begin implementation, you have basically two choices. You can either keep your chart of accounts as you have it with minimal changes or we can help redo your chart of accounts. Both have their own pros and cons, and it really depends on your dealership and how you do your QuickBooks.

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If you like how your current QuickBooks is mapped, that's great. We will only need to make a few changes to make sure both QuickBooks software and EverLogic's dealership software communicate properly.

On the other hand, if you believe this is a time to improve your QuickBooks experience, we can help with that through our mapping. This remapping will take longer, however, it will be mapped based on what your dealership provides. In the long run, this will make running the business itself easier. 

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Implementing a new dealership management software is a critical time for your dealership. This period can make or break your experience with a new company. We understand this, so when you buy EverLogic, we do everything we can to make this transition as seamless as possible. It takes usually 30 days to go through the process, a time period we believe is long enough to accomplish the list of tasks to get you ready to use the software. 

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That list of tasks includes creating a database, importing customer, vendor, inventory, and part data into the software, training you and your staff, mapping your QuickBooks, programming your documents, testing, and finally going live. Our team will work one on one with you and your staff to try to keep you from having to do unnecessary work and keep you on track.

If you are interested in learning more about EverLogic, check out the free demo by clicking on the button below.

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Matthew Copeland
Post by Matthew Copeland
March 31, 2023