When you are researching a DMS, you may find yourself looking through a list of different versions of a DMS to determine what your needs are and compare that to the price you're willing to pay. It should be simple. You should always know exactly how much you are paying and what you're getting back.

That's why EverLogic has a simple pricing structure so that you don't need to concern yourself with comparing different pricing options.

EverLogic Pricing

EverLogic Core Desktop, the full version of our DMS, costs $129 per license per month. With that $129, you don't need to get additional software or plug-ins to unlock more features. The only other software you will need to have is QuickBooks.  

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EverLogic also charges a $3,999 implementation fee. This will cover all the transfer of data onto EverLogic including customer, inventory, parts and accounting data. It also covers programming all your state documents into the software and training.

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What you get with EverLogic

As mentioned above, you will get the full EverLogic experience with core desktop software. EverLogic Core Desktop includes all the modules and features you need to efficiently run your dealership. Among the features that you should expect with any DMS are:

  • Customer database
  • Customer vehicle database
  • Unit inventory
  • Parts inventory
  • Add/Remove service jobs
  • Create sales and service quotes
  • Calculating the cost of service jobs automatically
  • Receive payments

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One of the unique features of EverLogic however is our integration with QuickBooks. With EverLogic, your back-office person does not have to spend hours of time entering data both into EverLogic and QuickBooks. The software is integrated with any version of QuickBooks so you can use what is best for you.

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EverLogic also wants to work with you as your dealership grows, not take advantage of your growth. That's why you won't pay a fee for expanding your dealership to new locations. Whether you have one location or ten locations, the price stays the same.  

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Customer support is also included in your monthly cost. Whenever you need assistance, whether it is because something isn't working correctly or you need extra training, you don't have to worry about paying for any form of support or training.

if you do need support, you can file a ticket on the EverLogic Customer Portal. We usually answer tickets within one hour during normal business hours. We also have a support hotline that you can call and get more urgent assistance during normal business hours.

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You can get training in three forms. First, we offer daily classes over Zoom covering all the modules of EverLogic in two weeks. We also offer private training if you need help mastering specific parts of the software. Additionally, we have the EverLogic Knowledge Base, which includes hundreds of how-to articles and videos you can access 24/7.

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Don't forget about EverLogic Mobile

Not everyone needs to use the core desktop version of EverLogic all the time. As far as we're concerned, it's inefficient to give everyone a full license that they need only part of the time. For example, your service technicians would rarely need to use the full version. That's why we have EverLogic Mobile, which not only saves you money but also has a few extra features to make your dealership run more efficiently.

At $39 per license per month, EverLogic Mobile is not the full version of EverLogic. You can't do end-of-day, complete a sale, take payments or create repair orders. However, there are benefits for both your sales and service departments.

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On the sales side, you can add new customers, begin a quote and see the status of a unit in your inventory as well as its price. 

EverLogic Mobile has even more features for your technicians. It will allow them to add a new job, start a time clock on a job, add parts to a job and add photos to EverLogic. The best part about having these features available on a technician's phone is they never have to leave their work area to input any of the information into the desktop version.

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At EverLogic, we want there to be as little confusion as possible when you buy our product. We feel that when you buy a DMS, you should know exactly what you are getting back on your investment. We feel you should also not have to spend extra time debating which version of a dealership software is right for you. That's why we have only our EverLogic Core Desktop and EverLogic Mobile.

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Your subscription includes all of EverLogic's modules and integrations, customer support and training. You can add more locations for free. And you don't have to sign a contract with us so if you think EverLogic is not right for you, you don't have to feel stuck using it.

Our customers are at the very heart of what we do. We believe the more clearly you understand what EverLogic can do for your dealership, the more time you can focus on making your dealership grow.

If you would like to see EverLogic in action, click on the button below and view our free demo.

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Matthew Copeland
Post by Matthew Copeland
November 4, 2022