If you're looking for dealership management software QuickBooks accounting that is customizable, easy to use, and affordable, your search may stop at EverLogic DMS.

Over the past two decades, EverLogic has grown from a small software startup to one of the most respected names in the dealership management system industry. The reason for this is we grow with our dealerships. We addressed their needs to create a better user experience. And we made important innovations that are becoming widely accepted across the industry.

Here are some quick benefits we offer our dealerships.

1. QuickBooks accounting integration that's fast and accurate

We exist to provide high-quality dealership management software that integrates fully with QuickBooks, the leading accounting software for nearly four decades. Our philosophy is that whatever accounting module we built in EverLogic could never match the quality of QuickBooks. So, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. 

EverLogic is an Intuit-certified developer, meaning you can feel confident the integration between EverLogic and QuickBooks is fast and accurate. With our software, you are able to send all the transactions you make within the software directly to QuickBooks with the push of a button. This saves your employees time which saves you money.


2. 8 Modules covering all aspects of your dealership

When you invest money into dealership software, you expect to run virtually all of your business directly within the software. So that software has to cover everything you do. 

Every software has modules, which cover the different facets of your business. EverLogic has eight modules in all: CRM, Parts Inventory, Point of Sale (POS), Sales & Finance, Document Management, Unit Inventory, Serviceand QuickBooks Accounting.

These modules have many features and integrations to increase the software's functionality and your dealership's efficiency. But the important part to take away from this section is that no matter the size and scope of your dealership, we've got you covered!

3. Free customer support

For most software, you're going to need customer support at one time or another. Maybe you found a bug, maybe something didn't go through correctly, or maybe you need help with a certain process. No matter the reason, you want your problem solved quickly and efficiently with as little inconvenience as possible. In other words, you don't want to talk to a machine or an outsourced support guy with little experience with the software.

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EverLogic offers free support for all our customers over the phone or through our ticketing system. Our staff, located at our Jacksonville, FL headquarters, go through rigorous training before they ever answer your questions. Even after, they continue training sessions each week. You can be confident you will get the best help possible to keep your dealership moving straight ahead.

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4. Easy to use

Now, some people might say that our software looks outdated. And you know what? They might be right. It does look outdated in some respects. But don't let the look fool you. EverLogic DMS looks the way it does because we embrace the K.I.S.S rule here (Keep it simple, stupid).

What our dealership lacks in looks, we make up for in functionality and ease of use. By keeping our interface simple, EverLogic is easy to train even the most computer-illiterate person on your staff to master quickly. The look is familiar, the symbols are easy to understand, and the processes work. We're not a No-Go Showboat. 

5. We got the integration you need

Remember in the old days when you bought software you only got the function of that software? Those days are long gone and integration is the key to success, not simply for us as a company, but more importantly, for our customers. You should expect your dealership management system to have the integration to turn success into more success. 

Want an integration that allows you to text your customers from the software? We got it with Kinect. Looking for an integration in which your credit card transactions are automatically keyed into your software? We got it with Global Payments. Do you want to immediately find lenders to help a deal go through? We got that too with AppOne.


What about an integration for barcode scanners and printers? Check. What about integration with your website? Check. Integration with QuickBooks? Checkmate!

6. Individualized implementation

Starting on a new dealership management software is a daunting and sometimes stressful process. That being said, we try to prevent the gray hairs of frustration from growing on your head by walking you through each step of the process. 

Implementation is a 30-day process. It shouldn't be too short so you don't have to launch when you're not ready. But it shouldn't take too long so that you are paying for nothing. With good cooperation and communication, we figured out that all your data can be moved onto the software, you can have your state-required documents programmed, your QuickBooks can be properly mapped, and your whole staff can be trained within that 30-day window.

And if you need us at any point during the process, we are here to walk you through every step of the process until you're ready to roll.


7. Run your dealership how you want

If you need customization and flexibility, EverLogic may be the right dealership software for you. We can handle the different types of vehicles you sell. We can handle your growing number of locations. And we can even handle the unique business model that has worked for your dealership for many years.

EverLogic allows you to customize the catalogs you have for your parts, it allows you to customize lists of vehicles, parts, customers, and many other things with our flex views. You can have as many as 10 prices for units on your website. You can customize certain repair orders as labor codes, where you set the parts and price for common jobs like oil changes or winterizing. 

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Don't ever let another business tell you the best way to run your dealership. Instead, invest in software that allows you to do what has made you successful.

8. No charge for expansion

As we mentioned above, we want you to run your business how you want. Sometimes that includes expansion. If you ever decide you want to grow your dealership, EverLogic is the right partner to have on hand.

EverLogic will never charge you for expanding your dealership. So, if you have one location or ten locations, you still pay the same base price. The only other charge you will need to concern yourself is the extra licenses that might come with new employees. Other than that, we will actually help you set up that new location without having to pay for the implementation process all over again. 

9. No long-term contracts

Investing in dealership management software is a big decision. You are essentially betting your business on a program that you hope works the way you need it. That's why we don't give long-term contracts where you sign up for a year and the only way out is to pay an expensive buyout. Ethically, we would never want to put someone's business in jeopardy to make a quick buck. 

When you sign up with EverLogic, you automatically renew on a month-to-month basis. If you decide to drop our software in favor of someone else, all you need to do is send an email to us and we'll no longer bill you. Our belief is that it lessens the risk you take when you buy our software.

10. EverLogic's affordable

Speaking of spending money and ethics, we believe it's important that dealers know exactly what they are buying and how much they are spending. That's why we make our pricing structure visible right on our website.

Our pricing structure is very straightforward on purpose, so there is never confusion between us and our customers. When you buy EverLogic, you buy it per license. Our main desktop version is $129 per license per month with a three-license minimum to remain in good standing with us. We also sell our mobile version, which is a limited add-on version, at $39 per license per month with no minimum.

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Finally, you will need to pay a $3,999 implementation fee that covers all the steps during implementation, including data upload, document programming, QuickBooks mappings, and training.

Remember, support is included in your license fee, so you will never have to pay extra for customer support.



We typically do many articles talking about the importance of dealership management software, so this time, we wanted to paint a broad stroke about why you should get EverLogic specifically. We are a company made of folks whose interest is to see your dealership succeed. That's why we tell prospects we are merely a tool to your success, and when used properly, can enhance your success.

EverLogic has many benefits from its affordability to its ease of use. However, we think it is the people behind the software you will find invaluable. We are there to not just support you when you are having problems with the software but also to make sure your books look good or to find ways to just make your dealership run move efficiently.

If you are interested in seeing the software in action, check out our free demo below!

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Matthew Copeland
Post by Matthew Copeland
July 18, 2023