Perhaps there is no more important module in any dealership management software than the sales and finance module. Without useful and efficient sales features, then a DMS is frankly useless. 


Not all dealership software is created the same, and it is important to find a dealership management system that fits what you sell, how you sell it, and how you keep track of your sales. It also needs to support your business no matter its size. In other words, if you operate a small dealership, you need your sales and finance module to be effective simply to stay alive. If you are a larger dealership, the software you use could determine the success of any expansion plans you have.

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EverLogic's software gives our dealerships flexibility to operate their sales and finance department the way that works best for them while supporting sustained growth and expansion. Here are only some of the features that can help your dealership's sales side of the business, with a focus on user-friendliness, efficiency, and accuracy.

Setting up a quote

When you have a prospect, you want the quoting process to be quick and seamless. You want your prospect to know how much they will pay as quickly as possible while still helping them to understand exactly where they money is going.

EverLogic makes it easy to find or add customers right from a quote. If the customer is already in the system, you just need to search for their name, click on it, and they are added to the quote. If they do need to be added, a popup box will show up, and you can add the person as a new customer in a few seconds.

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Once you connected a customer with the quote, you can quickly search for the right unit by the stock number, VIN, or the make/model of the unit. Additionally, you can add a trade vehicle to the deal, and the value of that trade will be reflected in the final deal.

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Much of the data you add to the deal will cause the trade to go up and down. Here are the itemized charges and discounts you will see on a typical EverLogic quote:

  • Selling price (unit price)
  • Discount
  • Rebate
  • Trade allowance
  • Additional charges
  • Net selling price
  • Taxable charges
  • Non-taxable charges
  • Trade payoff


As you fill out the quote, your EverLogic should have your state, county, and local taxes already programmed into your dealership management software. However, on the taxes tab of a quote, you will be able to make any changes as necessary. You can also change added costs like registration fees, document fees, freight fees, and administrative fees, as well as extended warranties and extended warranties.

The commission for your salesperson is also programmed into the software so it doesn't have to be added separately.

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Paying for the unit

EverLogic has five different ways to fund a unit: Cash, outside lien, wholesale, financed, and other/unknown. EverLogic can record a payment with hard cash, check, card, gift certificate, warranty, or goodwill for cash funding. It is important to correctly identify which mode of payment you are taking to ensure your accounting is in order when you send the deal to QuickBooks.

For all your credit card payments, we encourage you to use Global Payments, which we integrate with on EverLogic. With Global Payments, you can swipe a card using one of their Genius devices. That information will be uploaded into the software to pay a customer's balance. 

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Another important note for payment is that any repair orders associated with the deal can be tacked on to the final price, including parts and labor. 

When a unit is ready to be given to the customer, you will have to "wash" the deal. To wash a deal, you will have to make sure that the unit is paid for either in cash or financing. You need to close all the repair orders and ensure the unit is ready for delivery. Then, you will be able to send the unit to QuickBooks.

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Financing a sale

If your customer chooses to finance their unit, we encourage you to use AppOne. Using EverLogic, your F&I department can prepare & print lender-specific loan document packages. 

Also, EverLogic and AppOne provide manufacturers, dealer groups, and service companies with an efficient and centralized process for managing networks of lenders and dealers while offering their customers the best in financing options. With AppOne, a dealership can only expect to pay for a funded loan.

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It is important to note, AppOne is geared more toward RV dealerships, marine dealerships, power sports dealerships, and commercial vehicle dealerships.

This is not the only way to finance a purchase on EverLogic. You can also reach out to lenders outside of EverLogic to secure funding. Regardless of how you get the funding, you will need to identify on the deal who the lender is and mark the payment as financed. This is another important step to making sure your books are accurate at the end of the day.

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EverLogic dealership management software makes your sales and finance operations quick, easy, and painless. You will find the processes are easy to navigate through, and you'll be able to seamlessly take a customer from quote to sale. And with our integration with AppOne, you can also quickly receive funding for a unit without ever having to leave EverLogic.

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However, if you do need assistance during the sales process or during any other function with EverLogic, we have an experienced support staff ready to answer any questions you may have. And because phone and ticket support is included in your licensing fee, you will never have to pay a dime to get the help you need.


The goal of our dealership management system is efficiency. That is why at the end of the sales process, we make it easy to send the deal straight to QuickBooks in the proper place to keep your books accurate.

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Matthew Copeland
Post by Matthew Copeland
July 3, 2023