EverLogic dealership software (DMS) is designed to solve the problem of using multiple software packages, and the problems of having to learn every platform. In addition to that is the additional fee associated with each service.  With EverLogic, you pay one monthly fee. You never have to worry about add-ons or plug-ins.

EverLogic does not accept any add-ons or plug-ins, but you don’t need any. EverLogic already offers some pretty impressive integrations within the software like merchant services and credit reporting.

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Customer Relationship Management Module

The  Customer Relationship Management  module or CRM is a cornerstone module available in all versions of EverLogic. From the customer data entry screen, you can access all important information about the prospect or customer. This includes demographics, buying preferences, and all interactions with the customer or prospect. 

From the customer screen, sales staff start business processes to make it easier and faster for you. They can begin sales quotes for serialized inventory or start repair orders. Next, cash-out customers at the point of sale, run credit checks, send an email, and much more. Customer information is transferred directly to the business process.

This avoids redundant data entry or looking up information. All of the activity with your customer is automatically logged and viewable from the  history  tab. This tab is located prominently on the customer screen.

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In addition, there is a vehicle locate feature. This feature automatically searches for serialized inventory based on the preferred year, make or model. Also, this saves your salespeople time and produces the best list of vehicles to show the customer. 

Additionally, customer loyalty features provide automatic reminders to follow up with sold customers. You can take it a step further and follow up with prospects or provide automatic discounts on parts and accessories.

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Parts Inventory Module

Parts Inventory with EverLogic gives you the tools and automation to manage and maintain an accurate inventory with complete confidence. EverLogic gives you the capability of threshold-level ordering. In the same manner, send orders over the internet with participating suppliers. Thresholds are easy to set up based on seasonality. 

Replenish stock with hard information that tells you what sells and when. EverLogic has analysis capabilities that notify you how and when to order a particular item.

Have confidence in your inventory assets by simplifying the inventory counting process using EverLogic’s  unique cycle counting feature. Readily count bin locations over a period of time to ensure your inventory stays in sync. 

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Track activityon each and every item. Purchase, sale, and adjustment history is maintained and is available for your auditing at any time. Also, this detailed analysis ensures you find the answers you want when you need them. 

Using our Point-of-Sale Module, parts are scanned in at the register and added to your customer’s order. Using OPOS-compliant peripherals quickly scan a product and check out.  In fact, EverLogic partners with Global Payments to make purchases a seamless process. 

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Sales and Financing Module

The Sales & Financing module provides you with excellent tools to help you sell more. It also automatically produces the paperwork necessary for financing. Also, EverLogic includes tools to help manage your sales team. Set objectives for salespeople, measure their performance and identify strengths and weaknesses in your salespeople or sales process. 

The sales quoting system allows you to calculate sales quotes and manipulate variables. Accordingly, this includes selling price, trade allowance, down payment, interest rate, and term.

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Quickly add customer and vehicle information, and attach additional implements, motors, and trailers to accommodate the heavy equipment and marine verticals. Also, if a quote is evaluated as a potential opportunity, simply add it to an electronic sales board to elevate the opportunity. Change a sales quote status so it flows through a simple four-step sales process from quote, finance pending, finance approved, and delivered status. 

Quickly access a delivery calendar where salespeople set appointments or initiate a repair order for the service department. Equally important, when scheduling a delivery appointment, all pertinent information is transferred directly to the appointment record, such as customer and vehicle information. 

Back Office & Document Management 

Go paperless! EverLogic provides you with a document management solution that gives you the ability to archive and recall any document. As you know, service after the sale is critical for repeat and referral business. EverLogic has a back-office administration module that ensures all administrative tasks are completed. It helps you provide total satisfaction to your customers. Common tasks tracked are funding, tag and title work, and customer satisfaction. 

Also, Unit Inventory allows complete control over your ordering and receiving process. Place orders with your manufacturers and suppliers quickly and easily via email or fax. 

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EverLogic inventory management is the solution for dealers that sell RVs and boats. It’s also sophisticated enough to handle dealerships carrying motors, trailers, heavy equipment, ATVs, motorcycles, and cars. The Inventory module manages anything with a serial number. Cost accounting of inventory is accurate and straightforward. Inventory and service modules are completely integrated so service writers expense internal repairs directly to the inventory. 

Multi-location lookup of inventory is built into EverLogic. Because of the technology platform used by EverLogic, you experience greater flexibility than with all other systems.  As you can see, there’s no need for add-ons or plug-ins at all. 

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Elevated Efficiency with Quickbooks Integration

Accounting with Intuit QuickBooks allows our customers to eliminate redundant data entry using EverLogic’s straightforward interface for reviewing and sending transactions to QuickBooks. 

With QuickBooks integrated accounting, EverLogic delivers complete accounting controls for your dealership. QuickBooks is the #1 accounting software used by businesses of all types and sizes. If you want the security, scale-ability, and flexibility that QuickBooks delivers, then EverLogic is the perfect fit to run your dealership operations. 

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Additionally, EverLogic provides operational controls to help frontline dealership staff in the sales, F & I, parts and service departments complete their daily work. The accounting module limits access to that personnel who do not need to operate accounting software with sensitive information. With EverLogic, frontline personnel has the tools to do their jobs better, and with QuickBooks, accounting personnel has the best tools available to do their jobs. 

Ultimately, rely on EverLogic to provide you with all the tools to manage your technicians and customers with complete confidence. Schedule appointments for your customers and assign technicians to repairs using EverLogic’s familiar Microsoft Outlook-style calendar with enhanced features for service departments. 

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To be specific, explore the service history of your customers and improve the level of service you give your customers. Help troubleshoot recurring problems and solutions. Prepare estimates and convert them to work orders for customer-approved work. Assign labor, parts, sublet, and shop supplies to any work order. Measure technician productivity based on completed work. Also, statistics report your most profitable and hardest working technicians. 

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October 10, 2022